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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has said Microsoft should be "pushing harder" for more genre diversity among its first-party Xbox One titles.Microsoft's Gamescom showing featured upcoming exclusives such as Scalebound, Quantum Break, and Cra...
Published Aug 4, 2015
Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has indicated he is confident major publishers will support backwards compatibility for Xbox One as it offers a "valuable" way to keep people engaged in franchises.During Microsoft's Gamescom media briefin...
Published Aug 4, 2015
Microsoft unofficially kicked off Gamescom in Germany with a slew of announcements and reveals from Scalebound to Halo Wars 2; and Peter Dinklage's part in Destiny is being completely re-voiced by Nolan North.
Published Aug 4, 2015
It's always the questions you never had time to ask that tend to hang in the mind when walking away after a big interview. And if I could have had just another five minutes to talk with Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, the questions I'd l...
Published Aug 4, 2015
It's Tuesday, and that means that the PlayStation Store has been updated. And today, you can download August's selection of free PlayStation Plus games.There are six games available for free to PS Plus subscribers, including both recent ...
Published Aug 4, 2015

KFC's Birthday!

Kiraeyl posted Jul 4, 15

KFC's Birthday was July 2nd!!

Happy belated birthday KFC! <3 


flashdim posted Jun 10, 15

Klaus' Birthday!

Kiraeyl posted Jun 8, 15

Today is Klaus' birthday!

Happy Birthday Klaus!!


Liquidhawks bday

Klaus posted Mar 21, 15

Because facebook told me, Happy Birthday Liquid! Unless I'm wrong and facebook fucked me.

Kiraeyl Happy Belated Birthday!! <3 ...

1st of 2015

Drastic_Man posted Jan 2, 15
jay lawllawlalwalwal
Dirty Bomb
Let's all get brunk!
so brunk
long live day day
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